Did You Know That Raw Cannabinoids Have Unique Benefits?

Imagine humanity’s first conscious encounter with the cannabis plant — the first sentient human mind to ponder its verdant foliage and pungent flowers.

This unique plant must have left quite an impression on our inquisitive ancestors. And that first interaction between humans and the cannabis plant very likely ended with our ancient ancestor eating it — our species’ go-to field test for toxicity and nutritional value at the time.
That external application or consumption of raw cannabis hasn’t seen much use in modern times, where the psychoactive properties of dried cannabis flowers have been the primary focus. But interest in the medicinal properties in raw cannabinoids — THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) — is now seeing a resurgence as more and more people explore and embrace the vast untapped potential of canna-pharmacology.

CBDA and THCA are relatively recent additions to the plethora of therapeutic products available to those interested in medicinal cannabis preparations, but utilizing the health benefits of plants in their raw forms goes back thousands of years.

CBDA and THCA offer unique benefits over more conventional, psychoactive cannabis medicine. The raw forms of cannabinoids do not have a pronounced psychoactive effect because they have not been decarboxylated.

CBDA and THCA offer unique benefits over more conventional, psychoactive cannabis medicine.

The absence of a psychoactive “high” makes them ideally suited for treating children, the elderly and those sensitive to intoxicants. Studies on these raw cannabinoids have discovered many promising therapeutic applications, from helping to regulate the immune system and relieve inflation to providing neuroprotective effects and slowing tumor growth.

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