Stigma THC Sleep Gummies are the strongest products we have yet to offer, and are designed to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.


Mindfully crafted using premium ingredients in a peanut butter taste that dogs enjoy.

Stigma brings you

craft-quality CBD products

that embody our dedication to helping people feel better inside and out.

Legal Cannabis Is On The Horizon

Secure Yourself a Place in the Future of Cannabis

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behind the stigma

Five years ago we witnessed the relief that therapeutic cannabis brought to friends and family battling cancer. Their bravery to trust the plant amidst the stigma surrounding it inspired us to create a cannabis brand with a purpose. With an ode to the stigma in the flower itself, we coined Stigma.

We have since built a core internal team and a retail CBD brand making products for thousands of customers. CBD was just the start and we are now ready for cannabis’ inevitable legalization.

The future looks bright with strategic partnerships, new collaborations and legal cannabis products.



a true
super cocktail

Introducing Coffee CBD Oil | a craft collaboration between Stigma and Duluth Coffee Company, combining locally-sourced CBD extract with expertly roasted single origin coffee.