Minneapolis Star Tribune Reports: “Minnesota parents fight schools to allow children access to CBD.”

“Kade can descend into a grand mal seizure at any moment. Outside of school, King can rush to her son’s side and administer his CBD oil, which has an almost immediate effect. It calms his contracting muscles and slows his breathing until he wakes minutes later.” Read more in the complete article, linked below.




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Did you know that while the cannabis plant can potentially produce over a hundred different cannabinoids, there is one that is more powerful– and controversial– than all the rest: Delta-9-THC, or just THC for short.

THC is the primary psychoactive compound that the plant produces. It is not yet known how the cannabis plant managed to so perfectly mimic and exploit our internal chemistry. Some researchers refer to the synergy between humans and THC as a “happy accident” (with an emphasis on “happy”).