CBD and Sleep

Sleep issues are among the most common reasons people seek out therapeutic cannabis products. For good reason, as the plant has been known for its sleep-inducing properties for a very long time—an 800 year old Chinese medical text is the first surviving reference to this, though surely the plant’s somnial properties were already known long before that. In the current era, how cannabinoids such as CBD relate and interact with our sleep patterns is rapidly becoming one of the most studied topics in the growing field of endocannbinoid science.

Maintaining a floating level of CBD in the body through two to three doses a day seems to strengthen and improve the overall quality of what scientists refer to as “sleep architecture”.

In the mapping of our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS), scientists have already discovered that our own internally produced endocannabinoids are responsible for maintaining many of our bodies’ functions—including circadian rhythms and sleep. Therefore it makes a certain amount of sense that if we were having trouble falling or staying asleep, we might turn to an ECS modulator such as CBD to help sooth these issues. 

A recent study by the Permanente Journal found that a strong majority of those given CBD reported a significant decrease in sleep related difficulties. Another study by the Permanente Journal found that repeated dosing with CBD—once during the day and again before bedtime—significantly improved sleep quantity and quality over the period of five months.

Anecdotal reports from Stigma customers have said roughly the same thing—that while a dose of CBD before bed does seem to help the process of dropping off into slumberland, maintaining a floating level of CBD in the body through two to three doses a day seems to strengthen and improve the overall quality of what scientists refer to as “sleep architecture”. The pattern we frequently recommend is to take one or two droppers full of Stigma’s 1200mg Mint Oil three times a day—morning, midday and before bed. If you have issues with wakefulness throughout the night, we recommend adding a 25mg Stigma Gel Cap before bed to this regimen to help carry the level of CBD in your body through until morning.



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