CBD Gel Caps

Easy to carry. Easy to use.

Easy to consume, precise serving and small enough to go wherever wellness maybe needed. Formulated to help make you feel better everyday, the oil is non-psychoactive and each dose is rich in terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils found in the plant flowers.

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30 Gel Caps / 25mg ea / 750mg in total

Our Gel Caps may be small but they pack a big punch.⁠ Small enough for your night stand, your workspace, your morning (or afternoon) stroll, and wherever else wellness is needed.

⁠Made from MCT Oil and infused with our Premium Hemp Extract in a tiny little capsule. Lab verified and batch tested for potency, Stigma’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil is made from the finest home-grown American hemp.


  • Organic Coconut Oil: 250mg
  • CBD Extract (Full Spectrum): 25mg
  • Other Ingredients:  Hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose (HPMC) Capsules

To achieve maximum results, it is suggested that the chosen dosage is taken once or twice daily.

Consistent use provides best results and dosing depends on multiple factors.

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“Great quality and excellent customer service. Stigma has been so responsive to all my questions and inquiries. I appreciate that knowledgable staff! And the product is very reliable and of great quality. Thanks Stigma!”

– Susan O. Verified Buyer


All of Stigma’s products are powered by naturally grown, CBD-rich American hemp cannabis. Utilizing a process known as supercritical CO2 extraction, the compounds found in hemp’s floral material are extracted using only naturally occurring CO2 gas, pressure and temperature. This process is devoid of any harmful chemicals, fully non-toxic and given the lack of dangerous solvents involved is regarded as both safe and sustainable.


The end result of this extraction process is the concentrated essence of the hemp plant— retaining the full spectrum of its delicate and potentially beneficial compounds in a form that is fully safe for human consumption. That “full spectrum” includes not just CBD but also the plant’s other minor cannabinoids and an array of medicinal compounds and phytochemicals found to naturally in cannabis.

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