THC Coffee Chocolates

A Functional Full Circle of Bliss

Suitable for times of either focus or fun, Stigma’s THC Coffee Chocolates are crowned with a single bean of Duluth Coffee’s Espresso roast, imparting a slightly savory, spicy zing to the rich velvet sweetness of dark cacao.

10 Count / 5mg THC each

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Rapid Uptake THC: Feel It Fast

What does "Rapid Uptake" THC mean? By utilizing a unique and innovative process known as nanoemulsification, we’ve given the THC in these edibles a greater bioavailability. This allows our bodies to absorb the cannabinoids within them rapidly but with ease.

The THC makes its presence known as soon as twenty minutes after consumption. With less waiting time to feel the effect, this also means it is easier to consume the right amount.

craft processed

plant based

batch tested


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