Take Five Tea Lemon Bundle

Take Five 4 Pack + Lemon THC Gummies

Stigma X Surly’s Take Five Lemonade Tea is powered by a 5mg dose of our Rapid Uptake THC, which means our bodies can absorb the cannabinoid smoothly and with little waiting time. We’re excited to make this collaboration with our friends at Surly available for you.

4 Pack of Take Five + 5 lemon gummies (45mg THC total)
Only available in Minnesota. (5mg THC per serving) *special price – no coupons

Batch #1 Bundle is sold out!  Batch #2 of Take Five in process


What does "rapid uptake" THC mean?

By utilizing a unique and innovative process known as nanoemulsification, we’ve given the THC in these gummies a greater bioavailability. This allows our bodies to absorb the cannabinoids within them rapidly but with ease.

With less waiting time to feel the effects—the THC makes its presence known as soon as twenty minutes after consumption—this means less potential to consume too much too fast.


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