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“Make No Mistake: Cannabis Equity Can’t Wait.”

“In short, experts say, social and racial equity must become foundations rather than buzzwords in cannabis — and be treated as complex processes, needing patience and investment — if this entire industry is going to succeed. A key reason is that our

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CBD and the FDA: Thoughts On What 2020 May Bring.

Nearly everyone involved with the business end of the CBD industry is wondering how and when the CBD will begin to sort out the regulatory snarl that has arisen in making these cannabinoid-enhanced products. This article poses many interesting questions and presents

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CBD Oil & Sublingual Administration.

When people purchase any of Stigma’s CBD oils — Mint 500mg or 1000mg, Natural 500mg or Modist Dream Oil 500mg — we typically advise that these products are best absorbed when placed beneath the tongue, or sublingually. If you’ve ever wondered why

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Stigma’s Shop Awarded Best In State.

While the news is a few months old at this point, we here at Stigma are still glowingly proud of winning an award for being the “best Minnesota CBD shop” at the first annual Legacy Cannabidiol Cup. Have you visited our shop

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How To Use Stigma CBD Products

Instructions for use (Oil): Stigma CBD Oil is designed to be used as a sublingual tincture. Take a half dropper full or more and hold under your tongue for 30 seconds to a minute before swallowing. If preferred, the tincture can be

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Stigma CBD FAQ

Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant with therapeutic potential.  Unlike its sister molecule THC, CBD doesn’t make people feel “high” and has no noticeable psychoactive effect. All of Stigma’s products are powered by naturally grown, CBD-rich American hemp.  Stigma’s CBD

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Stigma Hemp to Unveil Collaboration with Modist Brewing

An event on Thursday, September 26 will showcase the all-Minnesota CBD collaboration between the companies Minneapolis, MN (FINAL DATE, 2019) – Stigma, a CBD producer and retailer in Minneapolis’ North Loop, today announced its partnership with local craft brewery Modist Brewing to create

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