Cannabis In Minnesota, 2019 (Part 2): State Licensed Medical Producers In The Red.

An addendum to the previous post, the Pioneer Press illuminates the struggle facing the state’s licensed cannabis producers under the absurdly restrictive structure of the Minnesota medical cannabis program.

Many citizens in this state remain legally ineligible to access these companies dispensaries and products. The Stigma Hemp Company is proud to provide an alternative pathway for those people to access some of cannabis’ beneficial compounds, such as those contained in the full spectrum, CBD-rich CO2 extract that powers our products.

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Cannabis In Minnesota, 2019: Regulatory Updates.

For those wondering what’s been happening with Minnesota’s struggling medical cannabis program and ongoing evolution towards legalizing adult use of the plant, the Pioneer Press sums up the current status of both in this well written article.

Beyond these two issues, we at Stigma Hemp Company are also wondering when all participants in this discussion will start using the proper nomenclature for the plant– cannabis rather the denigrating term with a racist subtext, marijuana.

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Cannabis Evolved In Tibet 28 Million Years Ago.

Eminent cannabis researcher John McPartland and his research team at the University of Vermont have published an exciting new study speculating that the plant’s origin stretches back 28 million years into the past. For those interested in continuing their education on this subject should seek out the book “Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany” (University of California Press, 2016) by Robert Connell Clark and Mark Merlin. A profound thank you to all of these scholars for their inestimable contributions to the field of cannabis science from those of us at the Stigma Hemp Company!

Hemp 2.0

Project CBD reports on exciting developments ahead for farmers of CBD-rich hemp cannabis and gives insight into the noble profession of cannabis seed breeding that is helping to create that future. The next-level CBD-dominant cannabis varietals outlined in the article are very much like the ones that power Stigma’s full spectrum hemp-enhanced products. Try them out if you haven’t already!

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

You have an ECS for a reason.  

It’s the physiological bridge connecting body and mind vitality.  Learning that you are biologically-equipped with this bridge is pretty exciting, but understanding how to restore and revitalize the ECS is something more: It’s quite simply a game-changer for myriad aspects of overall health.  We do it and we love it. It’s the reason we started Stigma Hemp Company. Fortunately, maintaining a healthy ECS is also easy, safe, and affordable (and oh yeah, pretty fun).


You’ve heard of THC, and probably of CBD as well.  

But what are these, really? Technically, they are two (of over 100) exogenous phytocannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants that interact with the cannabinoid receptors located throughout our bodies when ingested.  This activation of the ECS releases therapeutic and medicinal chemicals to the body, especially when these cannabinoids are paired together properly. Just think of THC and CBD as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, respectively. One is the star, the other more understated, but the interplay between them is what’s important.  Now add the other key role players of the team (including terpenes and lesser known cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, and Δ9-THC) and you have a highly-effective ensemble capable of producing a broad spectrum of physiological benefits. Our job at Stigma Hemp Company is to leverage real science on inter-cannabinoid and inter-terpene relationships to create products with optimal terpene-cannabinoid ensemble profiles.  


Terpenes are hemp’s secret weapon, so understanding the basics of terpenes science is key.  

These are naturally-occurring compounds in the hemp plant that serve as the building blocks for restoring and revitalizing your ECS.  There are many types of terpenes, and each provides a unique constellation of physiological benefits. Terpenes can also be paired together and with other hemp cannabinoids to provide even more targeted wellness remedies.  Amazing stuff, but can be a lot to learn on your own. Putting the optimal terpene-cannabinoid profiles together to elicit desired effects through high-quality products is what we do. We blend unembellished hemp science with artful craftsmanship to make the whole plant work for you.