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Hemp farmers, retailers pounce on market for CBD products

FROM: Nina Moini · Minneapolis · Mar 29, 2019 » LISTEN TO STORY Applications to grow hemp in the state of Minnesota have increased steeply since the start of 2019, according to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Congress passed the 2018 farm bill

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Kentucky Hemp

The Bluegrass State has been growing high-quality hemp since the 1700s, and was the largest domestic producer of hemp until irrational government intervention in the mid-20th century.   Fortunately, the 2014 Farm Bill re-legitimized industrial hemp production, and Kentucky has once again

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Hemp Flowers

There’s a lot to love about hemp flowers.   Aromatically inviting, aesthetically interesting, and uniquely functional, the dried bud of the hemp plant is a generous gift.  Hemp flowers are covered with fine, crystal-like hairs called trichomes. During the blooming phase, the

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Colorado Hemp

Insert witty, soul-stirring John Denver reference here.  Or not. Either way, hemp is a big deal in that lively geospherical rectangle known as Colorado.  The only state to feature a definition of industrial hemp in its constitution, Colorado is also home to

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